Business Plan Articles

Below are some useful articles on preparing and developing business plans. If you have an article that you believe would benefit other new entrepreneurs, then please contact us to have it included below.

Money-saving ideas during a recession
If your business is struggling financially during a recession, then here are some suggestions from a range of businesses that have cut their costs.

Five reasons why you need a business plan
Everyone thinks they need a business plan for the bank, but that's not the only reason!

How you can comfortably survive the Dragon's Den interrogation
The Dragon's Den programme on BBC2 is compulsive viewing. What do you need to undertake to have your idea funded by these Dragons?

Top ten tips for writing a business plan
Here are ten tips to help you succeed in writing the perfect document.

Top ten things to do before you write a business plan
Don't rush into writing your business plan - here are ten things to do before starting and preparing your plan.

Business plan template
If you need a structure for your plan, then here's an outline template you download and use right now.