Business Plans for a Complementary Therapist

If you want to launch or develop a holistic or complementary therapist business, then your plan and goals are critical to your success.

We recommend using our consulting plan which covers all aspects of your new business. Below is further information to help you develop ideas and marketing to get initial long term customers.

Marketing Ideas and Vision

The Holistic Business Marketing website provides some good information about the business side of complementary therapy practices. There's a monthly e-zine and some good marketing articles.

Steven Harold, a hypnotherapist, has written a book called "Marketing for Complementary Therapists", which has been well-received. More information can be found at his website or on Amazon.

Celia Johnson's book, "How to be a Successful Therapist", covers the different aspects of establishing a practice.

Lynn Grodzki has written a number of books for psychotherapists and health practitioners on building one's practice. Her website at has excerpts from her books and a monthly e-zine to subscribe to.

Massage Therapists

There are two resources particularly for massage therapists. Firstly, Amy Roberts has written an e-book called "Ignite Your Massage Business" which is highly recommended.

Secondly, Todd Brown has developed a comprehensive system for getting more clients at his website. He also offers a free report at his site.

Michael Humphreys and Eric Mitchell have started a website called to help massage therapists and personal trainers build successful practices. They have a free monthly marketing newsletter.

If you have come across any other useful resources for developing complementary therapy businesses, such as books or websites, please let me know via our contact form.

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