Corporate Business Plans

When large corporations need internal plans developing for the whole company, departments and regional areas, they turn to us.

Our consulting team originates from running corporate planning departments for large multi-national organisations so have the knowledge and expertise you need.

From developing an overall plan "bottom up" or "top down" we have an efficient and effective process that produces the desired results.

The Planning Process and Desired Outcome

Every plan begins with a detailed understanding of your requirements. From there, we can develop training courses for your management team, cost centre holders and area managers.

These training seminars help everyone understand how to prepare a plan. Usually, we show how to prepare a 20-page plan used for forecasting, as well as P&L requirements. But everything is flexible to be geared to your organisation.

What You Get

With the flexibility of this offering it's down to you however for the majority of organisations we help we have prepared the following:

  • Full on-site training for all of your management team.
  • Divisional and cost centre business plans.
  • Plans contain full financial forecasts and narrative.
  • An overall company strategic plan.
  • Full market research for your competitors and products.

The Process in More Detail

We schedule an initial meeting with you and your team to scope your project. Once agreed, we'll work with you to develop your plan (and internal company knowledge as required).

Pricing is flexible and negotiable for your business needs, but we find the following approach works for most larger businesses.

  • Scoping documents and SLA agreed between the two parties.
  • Launch and communications plan for internal buy-in.
  • Business plan structure targets agreed.
  • Training workshops delivered.
  • Proactive help and guidance throughout the entire process.
  • Final corporate and all internal plans delivered.

The programme is flexible as required by your organisation. Additional presentations and communications strategies can also be developed to cascade the programme throughout the company.

To find out more please contact us.